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Paint Polishing & Scratch Removal Services

Enjoy a shiny smooth paint and service experience like no other!

Small sedan Camry


Most Cars and Compact SUVs



Large Cars, Mid-Size SUVs


Full-Size SUVs, Minivans and Pickups

Paint Polishing Service

Paint Polishing Correction Enhancement


Detailed eco low-water hand wash includes full wheel barrel, caliper, fuel door, door and trunk sills  /  Tire shine  /  Paint decontamination chemical and clay bar  /  Medium-cut machine polish* and alcohol wipedown  /  Hand-buffed 8-month* ceramic coating

 registration included

Headlight restoration  /  Ceramic wheel coating  /  Engine shampoo  /  Glass water repellent

S  $399     M  $499     L  $599

Small sedan Camry

SMALL - $399


MEDIUM - $499

LARGE - $599

Scratch or Paint Transfer Removal Service

scratch removal scratch buff scratch polishing


Improve the appearance of your paint by wet sanding and buffing off the light to moderate scratch on your car’s clear coat.  Includes the removal of paint transferred from another vehicle onto yours. 

Starting at $69 per scratch up to 1ft x 1ft.  

PLEASE submit a photo to for an accurate cost.

 registration included

Headlight restoration  /  Ceramic wheel coating  /  Glass water repellent


paint transfer removal scratch removal paint polishing scratch polishing


Scratches and Dull Paint? Be Gone!

Your prized possession lost its lustre over time. You see those unfortunate swirl marks and scratches but not to worry, we got you covered! Fall back in love with your car again with a paint polishing service from Mobile Auto Shine!

Our multi-step process starts with a detailed exterior wash, followed by a chemical and clay bar decontamination of the paint for a deep cleaned “exfoliated” surface.

The next phase is the core of the service – the polishing phase – where we perform a medium-cut polish that tackles the majority of light to medium scratches, swirls, scuffs, contamination, trails, and etching as depicted by the image below.  

paint correction polish

The final phase is the application of an 8-month* duration ceramic coating buffed to a deep shine to protect and enhance the glass-like finish achieved from the polishing.

Book today and enjoy your day while we make your car shine again!

Get a FREE CarFax registration with the Paint Correction service to help increase your vehicle’s resale value!

Pay only after the work is done. 

We accept debit, etransfer, and all major credit cards

*Limited polishing done on tall SUV and pickup truck roofs due to height safety constraints. Ceramic coating duration may last less depending on environmental factors and owner car maintenance.  Prices listed do not include local taxes (HST). Services may incur an additional nominal charge for heavily soiled vehicles.  CARFAX registration is applicable to the Ultimate Shine Full Detailing, Paint Polishing, and Ceramic Coating services. We provide our award-winning professional mobile car wash and detailing services at the comfort of your home or work location with available parking in Acton, Brampton, Caledon, Campbellville, Erin, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Milton, Mississauga, Norval, Oakville, Rockwood, and some portions of Guelph, Orangeville, and Woodbridge, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Areas outside our service area may be serviced, subject to a distance surcharge,  that is determined from our online booking form by entering your address.