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Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

Information you submit via this site ( is strictly for the purpose of communication, coordination, and fulfillment of our services to you and not intended to be shared or distributed to any third party.  This information including any transactional information will be processed by our merchant service provider Square for the sole purpose of booking and payment at the point of sale.  For further information, please refer to Square’s privacy policy.


Terms & Conditions

As the customer representing the vehicle booked and to be serviced by Mobile Auto Shine, thank you for accepting these terms and conditions to ensure the best service is rendered and expectations are fully met or exceeded.  

Some stains are unfortunately permanent (colourfast) and cannot be fully removed.

Odours may be reduced but in no way advertised or guaranteed as such. 

Additional Charges

Extreme heavily soiled vehicles may be refused and/or incur additional charges proportional to additional time and products required.

A distance surcharge is applicable to service addresses outside our service zone, determined upfront at time of booking. 

Extended Full Size SUVs such as the Chevrolet Suburban, Ford Expedition Max, Jeep Wagoneer L, Cadillac Escalade ESV, etc will be subject to a 10% surcharge at time of invoicing, on top of the displayed booking total. 

No Show, Cancellation and Rescheduling

A No Show (vehicle not present or accessible at the appointment) will be subject to a $50 charge plus any distance surcharge per your booked appointment, to recover from lost staff wages and travel expenses.

Please provide us with a minimum 24 hour cancellation or reschedule notice to best serve you and all our customers or it may be subject to a 15% fee.    

Health & Safety, Property and Vehicle Access

There are no animals, rodents, blood, feces/urine, mold, insects, weapons, sharp objects, syringes, cosmetic and/or mechanical issues in or around the vehicle that could harm us during the service – we will refuse service subject to a 15% charge.

There is an authorized location to park our servicing vehicle within 20 feet, unobstructed to your vehicle being serviced. For safety liability reasons, your vehicle must be on a paved or gravel surface with minimal incline and cannot be on a street, underground,  or in a gated parking lot. 

There is a minimum 1.2 meters/4 ft around the perimeter of the vehicle to safely service it. 

We may connect to your location’s exterior electrical outlet during the service which may trip the breaker if you have other electrical devices running at the same time.

A newly sealed (< 6 months) driveway’s finish may be subject to slight discoloration from the wheel cleaners used during the service.

Loose items not removed in the vehicle may be considered as garbage and be discarded. We are not liable for any lost items.

Car seats, seat covers, attached stands, transponders, subwoofers, and other custom installed items will not be removed, cleaned, or displaced and may compromise the service’s quality.


Prices listed are subject to additional local taxes (HST). We accept cash, credit card, debit card, or e-transfer. Payment is due following the completion of the service up to within 2 days as stated on the invoice, and is the full responsibility of the person who booked the appointment. 

Ceramic and Other Coatings Lifespan 

Due to many uncontrolled variables such as weather and owner maintenance of the vehicle, we do not warrant the longevity of the stated coating(s) including but not limited to ceramic, polymer, water repellent, and other related interior and exterior coatings and protections. 

Damage/Accidents and Engine Shampoo Liability

Your vehicle’s battery may discharge as doors are required to be open and power seats moved front/back during the service, for which we cannot be held liable. 

We clean in and around the parking brake handle by operating/lifting/releasing it as per normal operation, but on older vehicles, the parking brake may seize for which we cannot be held liable. 

Due to our thorough cleaning processes, positioning of seats, steering wheel, mirrors, etc may not be in the same position as when we started the service. 

Any worn, loose, or damaged materials and components in your vehicle that may have been previously concealed of any damage by grime, dirt, coatings, stickers, etc,  may appear as damaged after our cleaning service, for which we cannot be held liable. 

Embedded salt in carpeting can pull at and damage your vehicle’s carpet fibers as the crystals grow and harden over time. As such, the carpeting, including mats, may be frayed after the removal of salt which we cannot be held liable.

ENGINE SHAMPOO service:  We take great caution in covering exposed sensitive components such as but not limited to the air intake, battery, fuse box, spark plugs, distributor cap, and other visible wiring and connectors before gently shampooing the engine compartment with minimal water and our low pressure washer.  We also immediately blow dry any standing water. Modern engines are air, dust, and water-tight , however, for older engines (8 years or older), there may be hidden underlying issues before we start the service that may surface after the shampoo such as, but not limited to, a loose connection, a bad O2 sensor, etc. As such, you waive holding Mobile Auto Shine accountable for any powertrain and/or electrical issues and repair costs in such cases.   

Photographs and Video

We take pictures or video of your vehicle which may include its surrounding as background for social media and/or marketing purposes used by and become the property of Mobile Auto Shine.