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Service Customizations

You’re in control!

At Mobile Auto Shine, we offer a unique “a-la-carte” style to customizing your service during booking so your service is truly specific to your needs! Certain customizations are part of existing packages, while others can be added to a service! 

 For pricing and availability, select a service or package in the online booking form .   If a certain customization is not visible, please state your needs in the additional comments section of the booking form and we will do our best to accommodate you!

mobile car detailing seat shampoo

Seat Shampoo

Grime and dirt discoloring your vehicle's leather or cloth seating? Revitalize its look with a complete surface shampoo.

Carpet shampoo

Floor Carpeting Shampoo

Grime and dirt discoloring your vehicle's cabin carpeting beneath your mats? Revitalize its look with a complete surface shampoo.

paint transfer removal scratch removal paint polishing scratch polishing

Scratch and Paint Transfer Removal

Got an unsightly parking lot mishap? Let us help improve the appearance of your vehicle's paint by polishing away most scratches and paint transferred from another vehicle.

mobile car detailing ceramic wax sealant

Ceramic Gloss Coating

Enhance the gloss of your vehicle's paint and its protection to reduce paint fading by UV radiation, etching caused by water spotting, environmental contaminants, and bird droppings, for up to 6 months.

headlight restoration

Headlight Restoration

For looks and important for road safety compliance, restore the clarity of your headlights by the wet sanding and polishing of the faded yellowed oxidized layer to a clear shine. Topped off with a Ceramic SiO2 UV-inhibiting protectant sealant.

anti-fog windshield glass

Fog Reduction Windshield

Wish your windshield wasn't heavily fogged in your first morning commute? Improve the safety of your driving with the reduction of fog forming on your windshield ideal in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Lasts up to a month. Not intended for frost prevention.

mobile car detailing pet hair removal

Pet Hair Removal

Removal of pet hair in the vehicle including on seats, carpeting, and cargo area.

mobile car detailing RainX water repellent

Glass Water Repellent

Rain-X water repellent application on windshield or on all windows, lasts up to 2 months.

child seat shampoo

Child Car Seat Shampoo

Vacuum and shampoo of child seat frame, seat belts, buckles, and fabric for a clean refreshed look.


Shampoo Extra Mats

Shampoo an extra amount of rubber or carpet mats for a revived clean look.

mobile car detailing leather conditioner

Leather Conditioner or Ceramic Protection

Application and buffing of low-gloss natural-looking leather conditioner for added UV protection against fading and cracking on all seating surfaces. For added durability and protection, we offer a matte-looking ceramic leather coating.

mobile car detailing salt removal

Salt Spot Removal

Removal of salt on interior floor carpeting to bring back a clean OEM look to the carpeting. Please note, carpet may be frayed due to thick embedded salt damaging the fibers.

mobile car detailing engine shampoo

Engine Shampoo

Engine shampoo and low gloss protectant. Exposed electronics and air intake are delicately cleaned.

headliner shampoo spot

Headliner Spot Shampoo

Delicate removal of stains to restore the natural clean look of the headliner.

mobile car detailing Heavy Brake Dust Removal and Ceramic Protection

Brake Dust Removal & Ceramic Wheel Protection

Caked-on brake dust is removed on the wheel, barrel, and caliper then protected with a ceramic sealant for increased hydrophobics and reduced brake dust accumulation for several months duration.

Pet smoke food organic odour odor removal

Odour Treatment

Significant reduction of smoke, pet, food, and organic odours via a 30-minute sealed cabin ozone treatment.

NOTE: for best results, this service should be combined with any interior detail that shampoos the carpeting, seats, and headliner.